Dark clouds have gathered to pour the rain
And bring relief to this mighty earth, as it heat’s.
Bringing along the sweet memories to my gut again
Recalling events, As to eachother it meets.
Oh cloud’s !! For what do you wait?
Pour yourself upon me
Let me cry in it, My cries await.
Bringing peace and love again, Which none can see…


24 thoughts on “Rain

      1. Yes, I cry everyday and I have no shame in telling that. So it may be monsoon , winter or summer. I heal myself doing that. Forget it ! You still awake this late?

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      2. sth?? Anyways , the only reason to ask you not to cry was coz as you said.. the wolf cry will scare the hell out of your roomies. I pity them. Lol !! 😀

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      3. I hope you’re an exaggerator like me making mess out of molehill type :p
        Off to work now !! Gtg


      4. yea!! :p
        I might try to write something, but only if i am spared by the migraine pain. 😦 And also play football in the evening, muse a bit, cry as it rains ..lol
        One busy sunday awaits..:p

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      5. Dear Bobby,
        It seems WordPress deleted your “Will You Come to Turn Me Alive”. I clicked on its link in my email and was sent to error page.


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