If you look closely in the dark
you will find a shadow
its everywhere, in the attic, inside a park
And at the edge of your window
but only if you seek dark
the dark will follow your path
nurturing by your fear
leaving behind the scariest mark
but only if you seek dark
dark will take your emotions and goal
And the day your soul turns dark
it will attract the darkest of all…


Fly, young bird.

I might not be able to save you this time
From the thievery, that this time brings along
Snatching you away from my safe treasury
To make you part of the world, which has a different song

So be it for one a defeat and for another an opportunity
If it serves you well at the end
I may forgive the time for its chicanery
But not myself, for missing the chance to mend

I might not be present for the final goodbye
To be part of the moment which I least want to remember
But still, fly my beloved, fly into the sky
Across the horizon, a challenge awaits for you to conquer

And when you are done, pretty much tired walking on the same path
Fly back home and we shall walk again on the shore
In our world, singing our song, relive the memories we hath
And Share the smile and tears underneath the blissful rain, just like the old times as we did before.

I shall wait this time until the time which has to come
Fly young bird; fly into that world until the day you return home…

Sea and their waves

I allowed those waves to touch me
As i welcome them in my world
Though, I fear the sea and the water which lies deep,
But, apart from all, I did allow them to touch my naked foot and make them wet,
And then return back to the mighty sea, where they came from.
Leaving me alone again.
i can feel the sand move underneath my neat anchored feet,
As if the world is falling apart and earth is pulling me in.
This repeats waves after waves, time after time,
For me just to observe the cycle,
the race between nature and living
Between fact and fiction
Between all those soul’s who touched my soul and left to meet others
Between the moment of emptiness and love
Between Me and her.


Those eyes mock him
and words spit fire
he still resists all this
by controlling his inner sire.

A knife is his only toy
and four walls his best friends
he waits for the right time
to bring all this to an end

he has a pet, a nightingale in the cage
away from vast misty forest
all day he screams and struggles
to accept the reality like the rest

one day he stood in front of the mirror
and looked straight into his eyes
I found myself too behind him
watching and hearing his tortured cry

life was never his journey, he deserves to live in hell
nurture there with the guilt of his deeds
and live more tales to tell

how much more is the question
he needs to suffer on earth
to prepare the trek
into the eternal hell

hell waits for him to pass
the dark stairs of judgement
where 3 faced evil and the curse welcomes
his soul to face more torment

so he slits his wrist..
the blood drips, so does his desperation through his veins
now is the time, to pay his debts.
finally! He pulls off his mask and departs with one more guilt and pain.

The daffodil

one morning as I walked through the garden
I found a daffodil on my way
it laid there like a poor maiden
with too much in her heart kept at bay
I Quietly sat on the garden bench
just opposite to where the poor daffodil lies
in just matter of few seconds, I was taken into the trench.
where no law of nature applies
too dark and long has been her wait
and so has been mine
a soul which match each others state
has finally met this time.


I fear someday my breath will cease

Before my eyes turn pale and heart stops screaming

Before I recall her who left me with no peace

For whom I renounced earthly feelings

That day I will turn up to our memories

Which preserves our moments, laughs and screams

Lift my pen for the last time to write 100 stories

Thanking you, For helping me awaken my lost dreams

I wish I could borrow some time from time

And spend each grain of it with you beauties

I fear someday you may read this

And if you did, do consider it was for meant for you

All the stories, my love , adoration and caring kiss

My life can cease but never will my words

So if you ever miss, do read and feel this

My 100 stories , love , adoration and caring kiss…

The Unseen

He always looked at her from the frosted glass
and could never see her face clear
He always imagined how beautiful her soul can be
and how beautiful her persona,
but she never revealed her true face or say she never intended to.
Maybe she had no trust in him, or maybe something powerful kept her holding back.
Something powerful, that can destroy the existence of their love.
Collaboration is always of souls when in love.
Great lovers and stories might not have the perfect ending,
but that is what makes us know more about them,
they always survive and always will in future.
It’s not about the end but the journey which lives forever.