Let angels guide me in this lofty quest
And take me where my destiny lies
To the path which holds stary fest
Where my faith prevails and fear dies
Let the guardians guard me when my eyes rest
Rest as I take my howling little dreams
Dreams which guides to the mighty test
Test of leading the ship through the screams
Let the eye judge them which lies on my arm
For whoever acts evil and darkness they try to bring
Let the haters know what its to be in a storm
When karma decides to pull the lively string


State of oblivian

The world hath thousand prophets
And books with all different teachings
Apart from them world would be love
With no second hand bias preaching
No men is a toy
Of his God for playing
And no difference in his eyes
Or hatred in his saying
No religion was meant for destruction
With superiority in its living
Never a men was parted or executed
For the sake of religion and it’s true calling!!
So, let’s go in past and be homo sapiens
Away from the curse of evolution
Where we knew no God and religion
Back in the state of oblivion…

The fear of people

In the year afterwords, the fear grew in me of meeting new people and being part of their life.
The problem is not the start but the continuation of something which has no end.
The problem is not the affection or the relationship but the value and price involved.
The problem is not you and me, its US!!

Me and the waves

I did allow those waves to touch me
As I saw the beautiful sea taking me in
Though, I fear the sea and the water which lies deep
But apart from all, I did allow them to touch my naked foot and make them wet
And then return back to the sea where they came from.
Leaving me alone again.
Making those sand move..
As if the world is falling down and earth is pulling me in …
This repeats waves after waves
For me just to observe the cycle of entertainment and life
Entertainment between nature and living
Between fact and fiction
Between all those soul’s who touched my soul and left to meet others
Between the moment of emptiness and love
Between Me and her……

The wish of a dead flower

Winds have stopped blowing
Sun has forgotten how to shine
And mornings are not good anymore
How could the blue flower resist this cruel world ?
Even his butterfly has left him alone
He tries to survive but the ground beneath him seems shaky
The blue colour which once glowed and attracted other’s has now faded
The love which holds him strong now is making him bend .. 
The time has now come for him to die and perish into the ground ..
But before he does, he wants to sing a song ..
I wish we were two butterflies
And could fly along thousand miles
No countries could stop us no religion to question our strings
Wish we could sit together on those flowery throne as I caress your weary wings
Not to live much but few days in this paradise
And die together to fly again


I met a butterfly last night
She came unknown with no warning and signal
With her cupid struck heart and heavenly colours bright
I welcomed her with a smile on my face causing those dimples

She sat on my lap and the silence took over our heartbeat
We talked alot in the dark and in those silence
Slowly, I lost my mind as she wrenched my heart in her fleets
by running away, leaving me alone in this hypnotic trance

This morning is so bright but slow as it never pass
Soon to see her again, smell her Strawberry’s and feel burning red cheeks
Get drunk by her beauty again as it surpass
The hungover which still resides in me from last week

I wish she could stay for more time
As she flickers her tender wings to leave me
Swiftly flying aloft by repeating the same crime
Leaving me in the world where I don’t want to be

I wish I was a butterfly too and could fly with her
In those paradise and garden of Strawberry’s
Live together not more then months and die and then live forever in our stories