No act can change the course of history
If only the words used then were fine
Gone is the past forged in the memories
I meet all heroes and villains cribbing over this before every sunshine


The unsung tale of Meera and Shaurya

Meera and Shaurya

Meera is locked in a dark room with a window so small that she can hardly breathe. Her parents are against the fact that she loves Shaurya, he who comes from a different religion and tradition. They fear as time pass, she will fly aloft to him leaving them behind in shame and mockery. 

Helpless Meera sits on the cold, wet floor musing about her love… In agony, she morns her pain to Shaurya, who she thinks might be listening to her across this four mighty walls.

Shaurya, Oo Romeo of my world
Where are you? As I lay in this dark room locked
Come and rescue me, Come if you could
I can’t breathe even the windows are blocked
My hands are cold and body covered by sweat
As I wait for another hollow day to pass
Patiently, as those tears roll down to my tender breast
Where lays your locket made of sacred glass

Slowly with tears in her eyes, she pulls her hands off from the locket.

Why? Why my Romeo this people don’t want us to be together
And to separate us, so hard they try
Why my mother keeps quite as curses are fired by my loving father
In love are we only supposed to cry?
They say our religion is different but they don’t see we feel the same
You are my shadow which I can’t hide
I pity this people who lock me behind this door in shame
Busy pleasing those hypocrite people, who stands by their side

Meera tries to look beyond the small window of her room. The sun has set and the night creatures are all out making weird noises.

Late is the time as those creatures’ alarms me to sleep
I wish, I was with you in this time underneath those glowing stars
Laying on your shoulders and drowned in your eyes deep
Ready to fly seven oceans far

Meera goes to sleep as her tired eyes need to rest and prepare for new morrow.

Night is set and sun already to rise
To tell a new story that has to follow.

Meera wakes up by a disturbing noise and sees her friend Sophia entering the cold half brighten room. She keeps the breakfast on the floor and stares Meera. She pities her…

MEERA (Helpless)
Take it away Sophia; No grain can meet my hunger
And no juice can quench my thirst
Please help me Sophia to get out of this blunder
Help me before this chains starts to rust

Meera holds Sophia’s hand (Provoking her)

Act Sophia as my savior
We are friends; you always stood by my side
For the sake of friendship do me this favor
Free me from this cage and their chide

Sophia holds Meera’s hand tight.

Meera, don’t you beg. Please…
I hold nothing against you
No power can take you away from love or cease
We can plan this later but first drink this warm stew

By hearing that Sophia is ready to help her in this fight, She gets excited.

That means you can help and get me back to my Romeo
Where in between those wheat fields he waits for me all day
I am so happy; at last I can bring an end to this sad cameo
And get rid of this satirical social play

Sophia instantly stands up and faces the wall…

Meera, before you plan further, I have news to share…
Your dad has send people to bring Shaurya dead
Why do you hurt yourself ?Don’t you see no one cares.
I know you love him, but nothing will you gain by your action ahead

Meera can’t believe her ears of what she has just heard. She pulls Sophia to her side and asks to look into her eyes.

How much is truth in the news that you bring
Of my fathers deed to kill Shaurya which indirectly kills me
(She feels her ring which rests on her ring finger)
In the name of love and this sworn ring
I will follow Shaurya, for wherever he goes; I don’t care for what the world sees
They might not care but I do the most
No religion, God or money can befriend me from him
The love will always stay alive even if this body turns into a ghost
No more, no more my soul will obey their whim

So what can I do to help?
To free the bird from this cage
No matter what you ask, I’ll do it by myself
Even if it costs to be a traitor or face their fierce rage

MEERA (Turns from her side, her eyes are flooded by tears and ready to burst as she walks towards the window)
No much can you help in this cruel time
If the news is true, my Romeo will come lying on the bed of death
He is a warrior but peaceful, who now is a victim of their crime
All because of me, so I have to act and end the undying wrath.
Sophia, I am yet to understand the world of religion and their strife
My parents didn’t care for me; they only cared about their dignity
But he cared for me and dared to love and now he is fighting for his life
You care for me as a friend and dared to help and soon you will be under their scrutiny.
See how dull are clouds and silent are those birds
Even they can sense my immolating pain
I wish, I had a pen to bring my feelings into words
So that this world knows why did I turn insane.

We have to act now, Soon your Dad’s men will arrive
And will take you to marry the guy which they have planned
If they arrive, we won’t be able to strive
So let’s run… what is your stand?

MEERA (Turns back towards Sophia)
I do want to fly but not run
There is no way without my love
Bring a poison or a wild gun
I don’t want to live, not any more…

Their eyes are moist as they look into each others eye.

MEERA (Continuation)
Don’t you speak a word and do as I say
Bring me a bottle of poison, so that I can drink to death
And may today be the day
When I take my last breath

Sophia runs and brings the poison. She holds for a minute before handing over the bottle to Meera. She must do this now, This is what situation demands.

I don’t know for what I do is wrong or right
By giving you the chance to take your own life
But if it does comforts you and releases you from the fight
It’s worth to offer this life a gateway bribe.

Meera smiles and as her hand reaches towards Sophie’s fair cheeks

You do no wrong to my life
But help me to reunite my love in this time
Maybe not on this earth I can be his wife
But together in the dark we will shine

She opens the lid of the bottle

MEERA (Cont)
If this is my destiny, so be it.
Let my death meet his death as I offer you my goodbye
Promise me that you will not fret
Or mourn in regret, once I die.

Meera sips the entire bottle of poison as Sophia does nothing then to watch her drink.
Meera feels dizzy and faints. Sophie immediately gets on her knees trying to catch as she falls.

SOPHIA (Crying)
Oh my beloved friend, I never imagined in life, that this way I will accept your goodbye.
(She looks onto the ceiling trying to send her message to God)

“Oh God, Was the love her crime
Or the world the real criminal
Did you waited for this perfect time?
To make this love story ETERNAL!”

Goodbye… Goodbye…


Let angels guide me in this lofty quest
And take me where my destiny lies
To the path which holds stary fest
Where my faith prevails and fear dies
Let the guardians guard me when my eyes rest
Rest as I take my howling little dreams
Dreams which guides to the mighty test
Test of leading the ship through the screams
Let the eye judge them which lies on my arm
For whoever acts evil and darkness they try to bring
Let the haters know what its to be in a storm
When karma decides to pull the lively string

State of oblivian

The world hath thousand prophets
And books with all different teachings
Apart from them world would be love
With no second hand bias preaching
No men is a toy
Of his God for playing
And no difference in his eyes
Or hatred in his saying
No religion was meant for destruction
With superiority in its living
Never a men was parted or executed
For the sake of religion and it’s true calling!!
So, let’s go in past and be homo sapiens
Away from the curse of evolution
Where we knew no God and religion
Back in the state of oblivion…

The fear of people

In the year afterwords, the fear grew in me of meeting new people and being part of their life.
The problem is not the start but the continuation of something which has no end.
The problem is not the affection or the relationship but the value and price involved.
The problem is not you and me, its US!!

Me and the waves

I did allow those waves to touch me
As I saw the beautiful sea taking me in
Though, I fear the sea and the water which lies deep
But apart from all, I did allow them to touch my naked foot and make them wet
And then return back to the sea where they came from.
Leaving me alone again.
Making those sand move..
As if the world is falling down and earth is pulling me in …
This repeats waves after waves
For me just to observe the cycle of entertainment and life
Entertainment between nature and living
Between fact and fiction
Between all those soul’s who touched my soul and left to meet others
Between the moment of emptiness and love
Between Me and her……