The week India won two Medals.

The week India won medals at Rio Olympics 2016
Nothing much changed
People were still tweeting shit
And Salman Khan’s movie Sultan was still running in theaters
That week emerged two new Heroes..
Sorry.. Two Heroines.
Sakshi Malik  and PV Sindhu
Winning individual medals and making us proud in this age of super heroes.
The week Indian won two medals
My neighbor’s daughter chose to become a wrestler
And suddenly badminton became the new cricket in our colony
Now becoming doctor and Engineer was not on their priority list, which gave their parents heart attacks.
Many boys found their crush and man their love in those beautiful ladies
And for a break media channels had something meaningful to broadcast on their News/ Paid Debate Channel.
The week India won two medals
Shoba de was still twitting her frustration
Because no media gave her publicity for her page3 party selfies and past tweets.
A Man called Ram Gopal Verma emerged from past, whom I last saw on a recee at Hotel Taj, just few days after 26/11.
He tweeted criticizing the celebration of athletes for just winning two medals in this populated country.
I guess he has a point,
His movie RGV ke AAG had more success than our Olympic campaign.
There were few more outsiders who took an effort to eye on our plate then trying to fix theirs.
Mate! No one gives a fuck about you.
The week India won two medals
Many still appreciated,
Baluchistan was still Baluchistan
And Pakistan were still dreaming about Kashmir
Man tried and defended their ego as those two women created history
Inspired millions earned billions and made unknown people famous on twitter.
That week many things changed yet nothing changed.


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