State of oblivian

The world hath thousand prophets
And books with all different teachings
Apart from them world would be love
With no second hand bias preaching
No men is a toy
Of his God for playing
And no difference in his eyes
Or hatred in his saying
No religion was meant for destruction
With superiority in its living
Never a men was parted or executed
For the sake of religion and it’s true calling!!
So, let’s go in past and be homo sapiens
Away from the curse of evolution
Where we knew no God and religion
Back in the state of oblivion…


6 thoughts on “State of oblivian

      1. The most important thing is that u believe in God!!
        As for religions I suggest that u should read more about other religions before u make ur last decision to hate all religions and do not believe in any one of them.
        Best wishes!!


      2. All religion praise the same .. We all are his child. I guess we are yet to understand what the God really wants for us to be. That is what my poetry is all about

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