Me and the waves

I did allow those waves to touch me
As I saw the beautiful sea taking me in
Though, I fear the sea and the water which lies deep
But apart from all, I did allow them to touch my naked foot and make them wet
And then return back to the sea where they came from.
Leaving me alone again.
Making those sand move..
As if the world is falling down and earth is pulling me in …
This repeats waves after waves
For me just to observe the cycle of entertainment and life
Entertainment between nature and living
Between fact and fiction
Between all those soul’s who touched my soul and left to meet others
Between the moment of emptiness and love
Between Me and her……


2 thoughts on “Me and the waves

  1. ‘Between the moment of emptiness and love,’
    I’m mad at you for not coming whatsoever
    for not knowing for not feeling …You aren’t there
    When I call you …when I’m thirsty… when I’m hungry
    You aren’t there in space….If I had run or if I had hug,
    if I had hold onto you, you aren’t there in reality.
    In the dark emptiness of my spirit…..
    It was not meaningless neither was it weird
    the lies I told myself.
    I believed in a dream that would never come true
    My combat is for your impossibility,
    your silence your distance whole


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