To our way home

Long is the route to my home
And on its way lies a huge chimney
Huge enough up to two storey
Throwing black thick smoke from the dome

Lonely that place looks as my eyes peep in
Curious at times to find what goes inside
I know what is the place famous for
This place is where human get rid of their earthly sin

Samshan bhumi is what its known
Where Hindus burn dead bodies
Where for the last time you say good bye
To the soul who leaves earth to reep what he has sown

One night we took our grandfather’s dead body there
My curiosity took over the pain of losing him
My eyes wondered around in that soulless place
To meet a kind of loneliness you’ll find no where

Walls kept silent and air hard to breathe around
And my eyes cried as the customs were followed
The warmth of the pure fire took my grandpa’s dead skin
As my body felt cold from up to the ground

Alas! The time came to leave the damn place
Alone with the mysteries and malaise this place holds
And say goodbye to my beloved grandpa as we part our ways
As his soul fly’s from this material stage

I still take the same route to my home
With the same curiosity and imagination
At times I do see black thick smoke leaving that chimney
And feel sorry for the people inside the dome


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