When I feel emptiness
I turn to those idols laying in the temple
Who are enjoying their space in this fake decorated world
I see so many people around who seek help and his blessings
The more I go deep, I find this idols lonely.
I too find them empty and confused, blind and impotent against evil and inhuman around.
I find God more like us, like me …
Who’s empty and confused, who seeks help…
I see God asking help from helpless
What is that we are lacking ?
How can we turn this around ?
Maybe we both need a SOUL to solve each others problem.


39 thoughts on “SOUL

      1. stupid stupid speech u talking !!!! ! I do not want you to talk like that about him !!!! it is also worth everything he is EVERYTHİNG. just HE does not dare! I know he’s strong ! and I do not want to push him hard…… but the only thing I wanted in this world .. -HE-

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