Anger and me

I sometimes think that I am possessed by anger
The Satan nurturing in me
Who at times shows up behind my face
Making me look horrendous and danger

It hides underneath my skin waiting to blow up
On those happy and peaceful moments
This envious creature always finds his luck
Putting me on the back foot to gulp my regret syrup

He often tries to take away my loved one’s
at times I have lost few
Some never to return
And for some to come back to give me an extra chance

He makes me a criminal
Who prisons me in chamber of guilts and regrets
Hurting others with no weapons but with my actions and words
Making my soul more subliminal

I am tired of blaming this anger
As if I have no control on it or on my identity
I keep attending anger management seminars
But still I find myself a destructive stranger

Enough is enough and now I should find a way
By ending this life for the sake of my world
To find relief from this material body
And ask the anger; what now he has to say…


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