The bright star

Why is that star stuck in that dark sky
Just like her who is stuck in my memories
Why does it only glitter in stories and lullaby
Just Like her who still resides in my poetries
Why is it so far and out of reach
Living there in dark with so much mysteries
Is anything out there for me to breach
By Unlocking myself from curse and miseries
But apart from all; I do enjoy them from my bed
The dull star and my love’s ostentatious smile
Can do nothing but live with them, till i am dead
And then fly aloft to rescue my bright star and live with her for a while..


12 thoughts on “The bright star

    1. I wanted to use the personification in here .. Tried to bring the imagery down but was in fear that reader might not get the whole idea.
      Thanks for reading and commenting… It’s because of beautiful readers like you and others I feel motivated. πŸ™‚

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