The lost night

Oh night where have you fled
Along your stary doom
Taking away the silent bed
And leaving me in this partial gloom
Now where will I find solitude
With no stars to share my cry
The day to me has been so rude
With no muse to turn me spry
My eyes are heavy and mind light
Waiting for the darkness to take me in
Then meet my ghost and defeat him in fight
To get rid of my sin
I shall wait for you to arrive
But do make it soon
For new day we should together think and contrive
Beneath the twinkling stars and glossy moon.


18 thoughts on “The lost night

    1. Sorry to make you feel sad..
      I am happy that you liked it .. I tried to use the imagery of the dark night who sometimes is our saviour, our time of solitude where we seek answers and light. Thanks for reading it!! 🙂


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