Syrian crises

As we escape behind the daily soaps
Sitting on our soft couch
And enjoy the fiction in films
As we enjoy those political morons fighting on baseless topic, debating with their senseless points on the news channel.
Channel which cares nothing but TRP in the name of journalism.
As we cheer our favourite club and country in sports 
Enjoying weekends in pubs, bar or in some lavish hotel with family, friends and kin… lucky enough to have them safe and sound beside you.
But around all those luxuries and priorities;
We tend to miss the great loss of humanity
We miss the war of religion in the name of God
We miss a mother crying for her children
A father who was suppose to be the shield of his family but now howls on his knees to find a safety..
We miss cries of dead
We miss the real pain and misery one can ever imagine
We miss the heights of emptiness, emotions and loneliness a human being can ever possess.
We miss love , hope and prayers getting drowned in those tears, Who might one day fades but never to forget if lived.
We miss the cries of Syria.
                   we miss this man from below


Who is running from one war to fight another ‘Survival’
Who is forced to flee from his own homeland in this free world … Who for ages have given things and seeked nothing.
In this world were we took birth with only a soul for nothing with nothing.
I might not call God for help because I know he has turned his back on us, died in shame after Seeing what is creation are up to…
I can only hope and wish that they find courage and faith and strength to fight each war they go through, whatever comes ahead and die as a real martyr.
And maybe that fine day i wish and hope they’ll find their real home…


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