The Man of God (Repost)

A Man from a town is frustrated by his life. He has all he needs to survive in this world but still he thinks God is not helping him to get what he wants. Greed, luxuries and complaints have always been his shadow.. So one fine night he is drowned in emotions and his sissy life, being a naive he turns towards wood to find God and seek an answer…

With grunting heart and screaming eye’s
he turns into wood by tearing voice
wants to seek answers whose thirst never dies
No matter what transpires he is ready to pay the price

Oh Lord, Oh my Lord
where are you?
where can I find you?
Oh Lord, Oh my lord…

See your child has come from the heaven once you made
where are you ? the creator of the world.
I have answers to seek before my memories fade
and want to hear story bold, untold!
Come to me and show me what you are
from what you are running? What keeps you millions miles far.

(There is no sound, No revert except the pitch darkness and sound of nature)

No sound occurs except for fireflies and mockingbird
as he keep staring at the dark
Silence mocks him proving a nerd
expecting a revert in form of light or even a spark
Irritation and frustration turns his eyes wide
his belief cries but the faith still tries to abide

Oh Lord, oh my Lord!!
where are you hiding?
Oh Lord, Oh my Lord!

Tired of calling him out and desire to seek answers
he goes down on his knees like some loser in a wrath
long lost hopes, faith and belief in God
has left unanswered, As he sits in this labyrinth

So rough has been the struggle which hold no mirth
his eyes are tired surrendering him to the night
He lays on the ground kissing the mighty earth
unintentionally may be underneath the moon light

(Slowly peacefully!)
Sleep takes him deep and sucks him into the dream
where he meets himself who introduces him to the light
No pain, complaints and screams
now resides in him after been enlightened by his bright light

Now is the time to seek answers
with his true soul who is so calm and sober..
all questions and queries which he has asked in his prayers
to find a single answer which can bring all this over


Sun has raised from his godly wardrobe
to shower his light and blessings
Trees are awake, Animals laundering and people back on their job
with melodies around as cuckoo sings

A dewdrop falls from a tree
waking the son of God from his dream
between this mesmerizing nature and cool fresh air free
he tries to recollect himself from the dream, where he was pulled from a brim

(He looks around the nature where he resides)

His amazed eyes and curiosity on his face
grows as he tries to observe more
The wonderful nature away from manly race
getting nothing of those in any city store

Time is near and he needs to face an answer
in this wood away from all civilizations
All the scenes and truth he should consider
by observing nature and the creations

Throughout his life he has lived with complaints
satisfied with nothing
sadness has always been with him like some stain
ruining his life, mirage and everything

(He walks through the wet grass who are embedded by the dew glittering like a diamond underneath the sun. He moves ahead with no firm direction observing nature more vividly)

More deep he goes till his conscious can reach and observe the nature
which lies in so many forms
astounded by the experience make him so immature
away from world, society and ethical norms

(As he moves ahead, He looks above on those trees)

Birds chirping and cuckoo singing
enjoying each essence of this sweet morn
With no worries of what lays ahead and bringing
no fear to become an object of scorn

What a gratitude towards nature and his elements
this so called small creatures show
Teaching us to be thankful of each essence this world grants
and help each other to grow

(Engrossed in his thoughts and speaking to himself as he stares those sweet creatures, Another song finds him to recite their stories…)

Nearby is brook flowing
flowing by the time to meet sea, it destiny
leaving back the sweet songs as they sings
Never to come back to meet scrutiny

So much can be learnt from their journey
from breaching mountains and making ways
no matter huge or puny
Travelling countless days

Now enough have been the scenes he has observed
plucking a fruit as he walks by
Getting so much n nature apart from what he deserves
avoiding peace and living by cry

Peace is what he wanted
Peace is what he finds in air
carrying a fragrance of grass and wet sand
brushing his soft silky hair

The son of god looks up in the sky
and raises his hand up in the air
letting his disturbed mind to fly
absorbing the light which brings along the flair

He kneel down and kisses the might earth
intentionally this time
thanking the world where he took birth
pledging to avoid man’s exploiting nature and their dirty crime

This man of concrete has find his god in the womb of the nature
Insight, peace and learning from the best teacher…

in many forms which do exist rather seeking invisible
No greed and misery to bound
strong enough to reverse the irreversible..


11 thoughts on “The Man of God (Repost)

  1. This is was the best feed on my reader because I liked soo many things in it like the way you described the restlessness of the man and he has no one to turn to except God and the whole new bright morning showing all indications of God’s glory in every minor mad major thing making him believe the love around in form of nature. ..Your imagery skills has provoked my dream of wanderlust

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A wonderful post,
    I kept on reading and my interest grew denser as the man went farther and farther in his strive and quest! The end could not have been more beautiful,loved the way you described the presence of God.

    Liked by 1 person

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