The schizophrenic

On every morning and dark night, where ever I may be.
My eyes twirls around
Seeking her in those darkened stretched corners
Where she seems to be hiding being mad on me.
But each day is a long fight
Where the struggle is tiring
Separating me from the world
Living by her memories day and night
My heart doesn’t beat fast anymore
As if he has given up the chase
So at times; I plan to stop it once for all
But I lack less painful ideas from my store
Helpless, I call out god as I cry
And those are the times when I see her staring
With those beautiful blaming eyes
Laying on me and asking to give another try
So i try to reach at the corner where she appear
Like a desperate lover boy on his knees
Just to feel her touch and whisper my love in her ears
But until I reach that place, my lovely mirage tends to disappear.
What game my love wants me to play
Where my tears and helpless arms provides her entertainment
Is patients being tried and my hardship judged ? which makes her content …
If that’s the case then I am happy to be her prey.


5 thoughts on “The schizophrenic

    1. Really?? Alas.. I have someone who comments in here where I share things I write.. Coz we all share things to know the reaction otherwise we would have not been here. And most of the times I think my blog sucks to earn even a comment for readers.. Lol!!


      1. Beta it is not only you meray sth bhe esa hota ha people hardly comment or they comment out of payback. .itna na socha karo for the love of god. .
        WP is traitor..anyways kuch nhe hota. .you rock and keep writing. .we write for ourselves


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