The Nightmare

This morning, I woke up,
Sunrays hit my face, eyes I rub.
I found myself in bathing tub.
I was busy dreaming,I can still hear your voice. You said_ ” please go away, I dont wanna talk to you. Go from my life
I pray, It’s your fault bobby, you stepped in my life.
I never asked you to stay. Pls go away”

All those words you said, you gave me no choice.
You had to go away, you were behaving “cold as ice”
I still wake up in middle of the sleep by your cute face and those blaming eyes.
You always denied me..
I was your friend first as I have always been.
Our friendship nurtured day by day as we were two sweet little teen.
And now you want to start a new life with a person you never seen.
Let me tell you my friendship and feelings are true and pure as colour green.
It’s ok, it’s your decision to get clean.
No, I won’t say that you are mean.
Your mind was always set, that’s how it was suppose to be.
You are hurt, No one else did it, it was me.
I shudnt had stepped into this game
I’ll take the blame!! You warned me but still I came
Not expecting what will I gain.
I listened my heart not my technical brain.
And now as you are gone, I feel lonely even in this crowded train.
I can’t hold back my tears, as am in deep pain.
Oh almighty!!! Atleast do me a favour, pour the rain.
My tears and sorrow, please help me to get it drain.
Or just give me a gun to blow up my brain.
I don’t regret as you do.
For what transpired, I have nothing to hide.
I always knew it will turn evil, I shudnt be surprised .
Lost my world and my sanity, Now am terrified.
I want you to be happy not tense; For being wrong, I have paid the price.
Remember You will always be my princess, Even if you lose your precious dice.
As I go,
let me tell you I am sorry. I wanted to say you then,
But you were not interested in my story
So I had to pick up this paper and pen.
I will always be there for you, don’t you worry.
Maybe this life or other, I am not in hurry


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