The true story

I want to write a piece
Guy behind this pen
Writing again and again
Telling about my stories as I recite this

My life is a poem, which is endless,
Soul with guilts and regrets
Lost in words and flowing in emotions I have..
Pain and disappointment has always kept me embrace
But still trying to move through effortless grace.
Yes I am trying, crying…
You can see my face, my lips drying.

Now, let me be real with you as I write this.
I don’t want to sound fake with a sigh of bliss.
Deep down my heart is aching, soul crushing inside me
This is what really defines me, Now can you see??

My subconscious mind is something I don’t wanna deal with.
Every time I choose, I have to deal with shit.
I keep losing people around me,
My friends and lovely thee
You guys never liked me coz I was never like you
But still I let you guys in my life, As I do it for few
And you guys left giving me no clue.

My friend made me what I am today
As I recall those times when they behaved Like a slay.
Drowned in my misery, Is this what I have to pay?
Look at me,
Just don’t hook at me.
Do you have something to say ?
Was my friendship just a game for you to play!?!

Now let’s come to another chapter
As I control my laughter
Another reason for my disaster
With a fake smile like some P.O.P plaster!!

I loved a girl, she was my best friend, I loved her like a blind.
She was my fellow traveller like a healthy sunshine.
I thought, I had everything I could ever find,
But as soon as her journey arrived,
she left proving me that she was never mine.
It’s ok , I am fine!!
Sitting on this table having pasta and wine!!
Looking at your picture on my rack
And Now, I find no one when I look back
Leaving me like a dirty sack.
You left me lame like cold headed,
Leaving me dependent on few medic..
wishing I was dead.

You all should be proud for making me what I am.
Not that I am ashamed of myself or trying to blame.
I don’t seek attention by playing dirty games.
I am writing this just to let you know my part of story,
Not for some fame or glory
Still if you think I am hurting you.
I say , I am sorry!!

It’s just my emotions, I feel lonely, expecting you guys beside me.
Waiting to be loved, As my soul gets free.
I wish you could see,
Now , I am just a living thing in a form of a tree.


7 thoughts on “The true story

  1. This last line. .it made me all senti. .I hope from the bottom of my heart you get loved, cherished and adored for your awesomeness. .everything is temporary Bobby. .it had to end one way or another. .You are a great person enjoy your wine & pasta..I might need a recipe 😂😂
    Listen! This was intriguing toll the end. .keep writing forever for the sake of your readers. .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am flattered by your comment my beautiful friend!! I will try to write until my last breath.
      Anyways I am not in pasta 😦 but the day I feel I have improved the recipe will be on your table 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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