The anger with a new face

As I came at the edge of my toleration
Rushing blood in my brain
And anger trying to riot
Transforming me into some other creation

I try to go Nonchalant
By skipping those harsh, rude words laid on me
Trying to avoid those blaming eyes
Penetrating my soul as it went

But no longer I could persevere
The lava inside me
Anger , irritation, frustration and hatred
Making it look more severe

I find myself separated and alone
Not even my kin residing by me
to find a way lonely
For the things been done

I wish, I had few friends to stand by
To whom I could talk to
Who can guide me through the situation
Not leaving me alone by my soul to cry

But all the anger, frustration and hatred
Remains buried in me like a ghost
Who wants to recite his story and haunt
Waiting to get excavated

But what’s the use of being cotemporary
So I prefer to keep it to myself
Buried deep inside me not to hurt anyone
And let it go by a smile on a contrary

Walked through all those faces
Just smiling without a single word
Forgive but not to forget
The past , the unexpected phases, strange but still those beautiful faces.


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