What they want me to be

They want me to be clear
As clear as a mirror
But even mirrors fake
They ask me to be real
As real as the truth is
But even truth has another story
They ask me to live with honour and dignity
Just the way soldiers do
But they forget soldiers are murderers too
They ask me to forget past
And live in present to build a bright future
But how can a traveller forget about his journey
They ask me not to question things
Which has no answers
But even an apple falling from a tree had its reason
They ask me to forget my pain
And live as if nothing happened
But how can one forget the scars
They want me to be a good friend
Just like the fiction stories
But they forget that you get what you invest
They ask me to pray like a saint
With faith, devotion and with no question
But even saints are corrupt
They want me to fear God
And do what is righteous
But where there is fear there’s no love
They want me to follow the light
Light of God to lead me to heaven
But how can one see light in this darkened world
They want me to read books and seek answers
The ones written by men
But men aren’t always right and perfect.
They want me to be this and that and fit into the contemporary world
But I do what I feel.
don’t judge me, I don’t live for Judgement’s.

Go live yourself !!!


19 thoughts on “What they want me to be

  1. Only a few people are like that who don’t accept things readily and ponder over themselves,their purpose of life and their ideologies.
    Beautifully written!


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