Tears have no cost,
They worth nothing.
It just rolls down through your eyes on cheeks and then disappear in air leaving nothing but irritation and fluffy eyes
Tears are weak men’s weapon.
Some use them to manipulate, some to convince, some to defend themselves, some to cry out the pain and some to flaunt their emotions.
How can someone trust a tear and its pure emotion; which is willing to roar out a story.
While I am writing this; there will be a soul crying out his tears in the darkness cursing the light which once glowed his path.
There will be some one on the road hungry, looking for a bit of littered grain to satisfy his gut, blowing out the tears, trying to drink it so that he can spend one more night.
There will be some one who might have lost their loved once, crying spending tears in their memories which will make them cry again and again.
There will be someone who thinks he has been used by his friends , kin’s, cohort’s and lovers as he is wiping his tears throughout the pillow cover and covering his partial face so that no one notices it.
Between all those tears from all those faces I might have not mentioned or forgot. Your tears are of no worth to people for whom you keep flowing them.
No one cares… No god, no food, no friend nor does the dead gives a damn about the tears.
Tears have no cost, it worth’s nothing…


16 thoughts on “Tears

      1. If love cannot bring tears to your eyes, then that love is dead. It is a great misfortune that tears have become associated with sadness, with sorrow; that is only one dimension of their being. But their more significant manifestation is in love, in gratitude, in prayer, in silence, in peace. When you are feeling so full, tears are just the overflow of your contentment, of your joy.

        Tears have to be given a new meaning, a new poetry and a totally new dimension – which they have lost because humanity has lived in misery and tears have become part of that misery. Secondly, because humanity has been dominated by man he has made it a point of his ego and pride that he will not cry. It is feminine to cry, it is womanish to have tears. It is not true. It is an ugly, male chauvinist idea – not only ugly, but unnatural and untrue, because man’s eyes have as many tear glands as women’s eyes have. Nature has not made any difference in tear glands.

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  1. I don’t think tears are about sympathy — what about crying when nobody is around? Whose sympathy do we need then? I personally believe tears is a language of its own which helps us express the feelings which can’t be expressed otherwise.



    1. Naimaa I just tried to convey the different outlook of tears … The whole concept was that tears are worth nothing. No one cares for whom and why its poured. Think about it people its all about time and perception.

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