What’s the worth

Is it worth to wait for the love to return one day
Is it worth to stand in the night expecting a star to die,  to ask a wish.
Is it worth to sacrifice your part in a play
Is it worth to get hurt by the person for whom you sacrificed, last to make you look foolish.
Is it worth for you to give another try
Is it worth to carry on
Is it worth to sit alone and cry
Is it worth to be unknown….


3 thoughts on “What’s the worth

  1. Yes. Its worth. Its worth because it proves how true and intense your love was. Its worth because, it might not matter in future and priorities will change eventually but the way you loved will be remembered by the person you loved forever. He/she will still say ”No one loved me the way ‘that person’ did.”
    You can spoil yourself for your love.

    And I’ve learned this from you dear.

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    1. Thank you for restoring my faith by your true words 🙂 i was musing and came up with this poetry. And you’ve been learning from me ? Its a pleasure to hear this. 🙂

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