Quote #Love 03

When you worship God you are worshiping yourself.
Can love be divided into the sacred and the profane, the human and the divine, or is there only love?
If I say,`I love you’, does that exclude the love of the other? Is love personal or
impersonal? Moral or immoral? Family or non-family? If you love mankind can you love the
particular? Is love sentiment? Is love emotion? Is love pleasure and desire? All these
questions indicate, don’t they, that we have ideas about love, ideas about what it should or
should not be, a pattern or a code developed by the culture in which we live.
a mind ridden with sorrow will never know what love is; sentimentality and emotionalism have
nothing whatsoever to do with love. And so love is not to do with pleasure and desire.
Love is always active present. It is not `I will love’ or `I have loved’. If you know love you
will not follow anybody. Love does not obey. When you love there is neither respect nor
So long as you are compelled to do something because it is your duty you don’t love what you
are doing. When there is love there is no duty and no responsibility.
The parents want their children to have a secure position in society. What they call
responsibility is part of that respectability they worship; and it seems to me that where
there is respectability there is no order; they are concerned only with becoming a perfect
bourgeois. When they prepare their children to fit into society they are perpetuating war,
conflict and brutality. Do you call that care and love?
sorrow is self-created, sorrow is created by thought, sorrow is the outcome of time.
You can see in a moment the whole structure and nature of this shoddy little thing called
`me’, my tears, my family, my nation, my belief, my religion – all that ugliness, it is all
inside you. When you see it with your heart, not with your mind, when you see it from the very
bottom of your heart, then you have the key that will end sorrow. Sorrow and love cannot go
fear is not love, dependence is not love, jealousy is not love, possessiveness and domination
are not love, responsibility and duty are not love, self-pity is not love, the agony of not
being loved is not love, love is not the opposite of hate any more than humility is the
opposite of vanity
There is beauty only when your heart and mind know what love is. Without love and that sense
of beauty there is no virtue, and you know very well that, do what you will, improve society,
feed the poor, you will only be creating more mischief, for without love there is only
ugliness and poverty in your own heart and mind
A man who does not know what passion is will never know love because love can come into being
only when there is total self-abandonment.
It is only the innocent mind which knows what love is, and the innocent mind can live in the
world which is not innocent


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