Carry you home


Lay down and rest your weary head
another day has passed and night is falling
you need to prepare for tomorrow, life is calling
this is not the journeys end

Why do you grieve?
Why is the fear on your face?
Don’t you be afraid, show the world what you believe.
As you cross hurdles by your eternal grace

You need to walk alone
I know you complaint of me not being beside
I had to leave, I am already gone
Now, in the world of past I reside.

So be strong, follow your innocent faith
I always be with you in your shadow
protecting you from cruel wraith

Move ahead, accomplish what demands.
Leaving past, with future hand in hand
as when glory touches your feet
through life journey, bitter sweet.

Enjoy each moment and live
Relish your life
as the queen of your hive
And when you are…

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