Will you come and turn me alive

Will you come and touch me again?
Will you come to turn me alive ?
I have been waiting all winter, hot summers and now as it rain
Waiting to see you live.
You will come one day
Is what I believe
My mind avoids but heart does say
I will see you soon in one fine eve.
So untill you arrive
I have enough memories to fit in
For your presence and love I stride
Please come again to make me grin
I have many stories to share
Our future and those times when you used to care
I need you my friend
I don’t deserve this horrific end lonliness is what I fear
But I can see it coming
You have to hurry dear
Time is cunning
I can see it coming..


18 thoughts on “Will you come and turn me alive

      1. Letting go is an art which isn’t everybody’s move. The realization that other person’s happiness matters more and then the spirit to sacrifice: it’s all noble and rare.



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