Just trying to use imagination

Still trying!!!


Just trying to use imagination
Challenging God and his creation
Sitting in this room as I imagine
Why you made this big world ?
I don’t even have an abbreviation.
So, let my poetry begin,
As I question you for creating us so worse!!
Why?? Answer me in simple words.
Or if you have no verse,
For what you were trying to accomplish,
Then lemme explain you first.

You made us, we made hypocrisy.
Living in a country and its lame democracy
Different religions and their Authorities,
Followed by the politicians , their competition.
If you listening God, they are your number one creation.
All is see is fights
Religious riots
Then come visitors called human rights!!
People killing eachother, can’t imagine the bloody sight.
God! I thought you were alone,
I had no religion to follow.
People have made different religions, god and their teaching’s
I am so confused…

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