Wait untill you are all sure

It was a bright sunny day
I was waiting for her at a mall
She came running towards me
Desperate to talk.
So, I asked her what.
She smiled at me with her shy eyes ready to surrender.
I love you! I love you !!
Is what she said by her trembling lips and pink glowing cheek’s.
Lost in her beauty and the surprise.
I recovered and replied, wait until you are all sure..

She was amazed and lost her smile
Time stopped as she breathe hard
She asked me why .. why can’t you try.?
Trying was not the reason but still I answered her why.
I can love you more then you can carry
Much more then once I did.
I will hold your hand like no other
I can take away all your pain and worries.
You can be my companion, My fellow traveler.
We together can be the part of the story towards its glory.
But wait until you are all sure…

I have lost love once in my life
It’s hard to come out of pain and emptiness, which in you resides.
Where once my heart ruled and then was left to get ruined.
Though, those days have gone and I have started a new life.
Not too strong but still fragile.
You can come on my side and together we can mend our part.
But wait until you are all sure…

I can be your king and you my Queen.
I can be your Romeo and you my Juliet.
I can be your hero and villion.
I can be your one in a million.
I can mend my palace for where you can rest your presence and rule my kingdom.
If you want to play, I’ll bring the stars down.
If you want fun, I’ll be the clown.
If you want to cry, i’ll read my poems for you.
To keep you smiling, i’ll lay my life for you.
Please don’t come, if you just need a companion.
Please don’t come, if you have no other option.
Please don’t come, if you just need a shoulder to weep.
Please don’t come, if you just need a person beside you to sleep.
Please don’t come, just for one day to go and leave me again the way I was.
I might still handle after doing all the things above.
Doing my every part
I will still care, flatter and love
Even if you walk by my broken heart.
Broken enough, which nothing can again mend.
This hand will never dare to reach to others hand.
I hope, My answers have justified.
It’s just a truth, I have nothing to hide.
So before you make your mind…
wait until you are all sure …


12 thoughts on “Wait untill you are all sure

  1. Dear Bobby,
    How have you been? I hope everything is going well.
    I found this poem on Human Interest at https://myhumaninterest.wordpress.com/
    that was originally posted on Erika Fuego | iWrite
    at https://erikafuego.wordpress.com/2015/05/29/what-if/
    I thought you would like it.
    Sam Sutlive.
    Originally posted on Erika Fuego | iWrite:
    Erika Fuego has an image with it at:

    What if life is a game?
    The only game we could play.
    What if we simply get bored in other dimensions and chose not stay?
    What if we come to planet earth to feel, think and love?
    Just because it’s fun.
    If we could disconnect from the person we’ve become.
    Disconnect from the people and things that have hurt us.
    Look at life in a different light; Almost child like.
    With out so much grief and strife.
    I wonder if then we could learn to enjoy life?
    Or is not giving into our dramas and fears to much of a sacrifice?
    -Erika Fuego
    I watched this short fiction film called What if Money Did Not Exists, last night about what life would be like without money. Where we could only get stuff by trading things and sentimental value.
    It is at:
    I enjoyed and it also touched on what it means to be attached to someone or “love” someone V. looking at them from a distance. It has a nice saying that all clouds pass on, some people say what goes around comes around.


    1. Hey, Sam!
      I have been doing good. Keeping busy with work. How are you doing?
      I am seriously looking forward to watch the links you have sent. I will also love to check Erika fuego WordPress. Love is something which makes me alive and I am always upto it in any form…
      And thanks for sending those links, I appreciate it.

      Liked by 1 person

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