The lonely brook

Oh my sweet, do you remember this brook?
Where once our young sat on this wet stone!!
Glorifying the nature along your lovely look
as your immortal beauty sit on this throne
Remember me telling you stories to delight your ears
taking you to fantasy, as you blow that tears
Remember those magic which allured your eye
Were moments were born never meant to die.
But now we don’t meet
Even the brook don’t sound sweet
which once’s touched your clear feet
Now, it just finds stone and pebbles to greet.

I tried sharing my pain to trees but they never replied
I asked wind to blow me away but they denied
I asked stream to take me to her as I cried
Nothing worked but I tried.

Alas!! This place now has no moments to flaunt
there’s only lonliness which I can’t bare
we miss you and your absence haunt
even the nature and brook complaints, murmers as to them I hear.


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