The voice

It’s a voice in my head
As I look upon this country and world ahead
Now I am on a mission to spread
The words which I never said

This country is not safe, it’s worse then it was before.
as the end keeps knocking our door
Terror , politics, inhumanity and satanic bullshit
Let’s us see eachother as you don’t know when the worse comes and hit.
We live in a country, where our future looks like a powercut.
Where every part of the country behaves like a losen nut
Where you find skyscrapers and even a broken hut
Where every politicians speaks in the tone of if and but
Running in a race where goal is to come first
Poor struggle as rich maintains uppercrust
When you turn on pages, all you see is blunder.
100 cr slam, terrorism and some killer god forsaken thunder.
Seeing religious riots, community fights.
If you see carefully this is the worse sight.
I prefer to be deaf and blind
So that I can’t hear and see them exploiting our mind
For god sake
Where is god ?
as I nod
busy sleeping ? dude you need to wake.
See, every face you sent seems to be fake.
Is this what you want me to take ?
Please consider your remake.

It’s enough, I need a break.
So I turn on tv and hear an another girl gone raped.
Homies , I guess have forgotten how humans should behave.
If no one can stop it,
then please carry a gun and when needed start a rampage!!
let that be the headlines on the starting page.
The girl who suffers only knows what it takes to be brave.
If you think all this hurts then here comes the uppercut.
law and government behaves like a dumb duck
Authorities, politicians starts babbling about it what the fuck!
Each word they throw it sucks.
and when we try to revolt, they ask us to shut up.
And this morons are the once who suppose to be leading us.
By our silence, by our votes we have been feeding those jerks
So I don’t vote or support them either
This is our life and we are our own leader …


3 thoughts on “The voice

  1. *claps* PROUD of you and your work!!
    I always feel great when something like this comes across me.
    Bitter truth portrayed by you here. Very well written. You made me your Fan again!! Well done !!


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