The lost friend

Sometimes, I crave to get back to the time and place which made me happy.
to the person who is as important as my breath.
Recalling all those wraths,
Without her my breathe is just a neccesaty.
I wish it had been breath of my life.
breath of life, which once we breathe by looking into each others eyes,
Avoiding those fearfull alies.
Talking to eachother in the silence ( A famous silence as I always referred to her )
Silence which no one can decipher but only us.
Two soul with no metaphor.
let the silence be our language of love.
I hate the fact that we arnt together my friend.
May be, It’s not the end.
But don’t you worry as your memories fade,
as to another your love trades.
I’ll be always there with you in the silence, in the darkness taking care of you.
Looking at beautiful view.
As the clock which hangs on the wall stares at you.
as its pendulum swings,
As those dial moves and alarm rings.
As time flows, wind blows.
I will stick to you my friend;
like the clock standing all changes till the end.
And one day you will remember me, When you find me in your world ofย  yesterday.
That day I will come back to you in the form of words through my poems which was lost in your mind, lost in time.
Let be that day you find my words, words which flew from my soul and from my heart to reach yours.
Just one day to meet you.
Let that day my life end.
as it makes you recall my identity to you as a friend.ย ย 


14 thoughts on “The lost friend

      1. Thanks for reading my work everytime, And then commenting on what you feel.. its only your and Ayushi’s comments which makes me feel alive on this site ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      2. Moreover, i can feel your words !! You have a certain kind of liveliness and emotions in them.
        If you’ll ever publish your work, i will be the first one to buy it and to treasure it with me.


      3. And ya as you asked I have updated my about page .. I have to put so much effort doing that. I din knew what to say apart from work and writing. But finally I wrote few lines.

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  1. Dear Bobby,
    I liked your story. I can imagine based on someone I know that it would be nice to meet the lost friend down the road and reminisce. Yet not only reminisce but reconnect like no time had passed between us. Sometimes keeping images and memories in our head as well as writing are the only ways to stay in touch and or connected to someone we no longer can be physically next to.
    Sam Sutlive.


    1. Thanks for liking the story..
      Memories and writing is what keeps the person alive in your senses and I love to do that. I want to cherish each and everything which brings my close friend back to me, Not physically as you said but emotionally ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. That seems to be a good way to put it. “what keeps the person alive in your senses”
        Thank you for sharing your feelings and thoughts with me.
        Sam Sutlvie.

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