Those Blaming eyes

Sitting in an empty room
Trying to figure out, what have I done wrong.
Nothing has left for me to assume
Now I am listening to a sad song.
Thoughts are spinning in my head
Your little words unsaid
It was just a question. Why you felt so bad ?
It’s my mistake, I shudnt had.
Do you know how it feels to be alone ?
Left behind when work is done
I know ,how it feels watching those blaming eyes.
Which makes me go through a struggle, like a fish before she dies.
Wish you were not so cold
This is what I din expect
Leaving me lonely in this world where everyone is so mean and bold
Making me realise; that I am not perfect.  


6 thoughts on “Those Blaming eyes

    1. Well, this was not about me.
      Its a loonnnngggg story for why this thing came into existence. I wrote this long ago after she ‘ my love’ asked me to write about her feelings after what she went through on that rough day for which she was hurt. And I came up with this. Though after reading this she went sad to sad the whole square.. lol
      Then to make her smile I had to write another piece in night so that she could sleep well. I ended up writing two poems and I made her smile too.. yay !! I hope she smiles the same. 🙂

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