The ode to a tree

My heart pounds and lungs breathe clean
And my stress is sucked beneath its sweet shade
He always gives what he could, being no mean.
Proving the difference between nature and man made
Brown, thick long branches and with leaf’s so green
I feel a special bond, like a good friend beside.
In backyard garden he has always been
With many other trees he tends to reside
I wish, I would be him and do what he does.
Dedicating myself and life to others.

Dance like he does, when he meets the wind.
And spread happiness with his mighty appearance
Sing the way, He makes birds sing which calms my busy mind
Taking me into nature’s wild trance
Feed the way he feeds everyone
By his sweet fruity hospitality, costing null.
Refuge the way he refuges, hurting none.
May it be human, birds or some animal.
But after all his deeds and greatness
I find my friend rooted in deep loneliness

His feelings and cries, He prefers to hide.
By standing alone against the mighty time
With unknown complaints and pain inside
Being victim of nature and man’s selfish crime.
This pagan God doesn’t deserves to be taken for granted.
Though man to him has always exploited and abused
Since the day on the earth he was planted
And for the sake of things on earth he has produced.
I do respect thee, for thee love and proud I feel
May be I have known no God but before thee, I prefer to kneel.


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