If this is the end

If this is the end,
I remember Mayan’s told about 2012, Well now that’s the trend,
So let’s come together, Oh my dear friend.
If this is the end.

I know life Tumbles,
Spending each day like a royal Rumble,
Let the world cut off as it Crumbles
Give me your hand and I won’t let you fumble.

Let the land tore apart
Let the sun burst out
Let the oceans drawn my heart
I promise you, Nothing can hurt, don’t you dare to keep a doubt.

I won’t let my promise broken When every empire in the world and Humanity falls
No matter how bad am shaken You will still find me beside Standing tall!!

I dream’t of us again be young
in our future life, As the songs we sung.
until sound intruded when alarm rung
I was awake, Looking at the calendar on the wall which was hung.

Let the death take us together, like a true friend.
let our soul travel as light as feather, if this is the end.

I dedicate this to my loving friend Bushra.


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