Friendship is a bond of joy forever.
Eternal affection, a fellowship which acts like a savior.
As our body carries the same addictive blood
And soul floats in the lucid flood.
With It’s silver lining strings attached
Blood ties which can’t be defined
To have you, I am blessed.
Rescuing me from this world, in which I was confined.
For all long hours we have talked
For all long miles together we have walked
For all secrets we have shared
For all those times, to each-other we have cared
For all goals we stalked
I still feel that touch, the day on my heart you knocked.
As I greet your love my friend
And abandon solitude
I wish this has no end
To you I show my gratitude
Let this ship sail along miles
By the power of our hood and never ending smiles
Breaching through waves, strong !!
Reciting through our glory and singing by our friendship song..


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