The true friendship

For my sake, For your sake we departed
Days of pain, Agony again it started
As time passed, I got exaggerated. But you in my heart remained fragmented.

Things which happened you felt it was for our good,
Maybe you were not hungry but my days went without food. Wondering around, spending times in wood,
Searching for an answer on the door of god, I stood.

I kept silent, I avoided being violent,
Looking into his eyes, I asked him, How can you be bias?
And then I was reminded, Drowned in the emotions, I was blinded.

We should believe in god and have faith
He examines your every step and then he rates.
He is always there looking, If you are a true person no bad gonna happen,
God apart the loved once. The idea is just mistaken.

I had faith in our friendship,
The only thing I worship.
I believed in God, He won’t do any bad
He will again give me you, The precious thing I always had
After long fights, Hard times, Again we will talk,
You will be beside me. Lonely!! I will never walk.

My faith and belief, Day by day it grew,
I always knew you will come back as my friendship is true..


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