Just trying to use imagination

Just trying to use imagination
Challenging God and his creation
Sitting in this room as I imagine
Why you made this big world ?
I don’t even have an abbreviation.
So, let my poetry begin,
As I question you for creating us so worse!!
Why?? Answer me in simple words.
Or if you have no verse,
For what you were trying to accomplish,
Then lemme explain you first.

You made us, we made hypocrisy.
Living in a country and its lame democracy
Different religions and their Authorities,
Followed by the politicians their competition,
If you listening God, they are your number one creation.
All is see is fights
Religious riots
Then come visitors called human rights!!
People killing eachother, I can’t even imagine the bloody sight.
God! I thought you were alone,
I had no religion to follow.
People have made different religions, god and their teaching’s
I am so confused, That am sinking in a hollow.
Follow, they want me to follow.
So much politics, I can’t even swallow.

I loved a girl.
They say love has no religion
So, why they keep asking me about my origin.
Can someone please explain them the philosophy
“Humanity is the biggest religion”
Which this people don’t Care about
I hope one day they’ll understand,
But I still have a doubt.
We blame different countries and people that they destroy what we believe in.
If peace is what you don’t believe in; why you craving peace for?
Human’s with no goals are the ones chosen for holy war.
They just kill, don’t even know why the red blood was spilled.
They just killed …

Rich and poor.
You made them for sure
Why you keep people hungry which keeps them awake.
I have many stories to tell which could keep you amazed.
Poor search and wonder around for bread in their hood.
Rich just walk miles to digest their food.
Ha ha, so good!!!!
If you created some good,
I would have not given you this lecture
Empty stomach is not less then a torture
It’s like taking a patient to a government hospital which has no stature.

If you think my poetry has come to an end
My writing is so lame,
No one will include them in their band.

So, Let’s think positive…
Let’s imagine that this never happened
God, your creation were good and I had no chance to rap-pin.
All I did was clapping !!
Just imagine
That you were just one
We all your son
The only thing mattered was having fun.
As those dark clouds welcome the Sun.
I just want to live in this imagination and want to take a long run.

We had no borders
We so illiterate to term the word soldier.
No kills,
No bills,
No avoiding pain by eating those white pills.
No poor, No rich people.
We all just equal creature, you were our only preacher our teacher.
We had just love to borrow
No religion , politics and their lame politician’s.
Take this life and give us the life as we want.
Let’s use barter,
Where gold is less expensive then our laughter.
Where no pain exists and the word sorrow.

So, let’s meet up tomorrow to create a new world
And plan your incarnation.
As now, I am busy,
Just trying to use imagination.


7 thoughts on “Just trying to use imagination

    1. but the irony is, that not many readers understand it. i guess, i failed to bring the imagination in a right way or it may be that no one bothers to give a second thought on that..

      Liked by 1 person

      1. A writer writes from his soul, mind and heart. anything which has the combination of these three put into it.. can never fail to reach the other one’s thoughts.
        You wrote is well. It must hav clicked the reader’s mind.
        And for those who didnt get it. They may have not read it with a thoughtful mind. 😉
        And its sadly true that many ppl dont try n bother to look on such deep topics.
        Still… a writer goes on expressing his thoughts!! As v r …

        Liked by 2 people

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