The Great Orphious

Far sat a young boy
With his musical instrument playing
His tune were sad , seemed no joy
As time passed it kept mourning.
Saw a weeping soul, as I reached near
Agony and pain, eyes camouflaged by tears
A scene of loss of someone special is leaving
Oh my Queen, oh my eurydice; he kept grieving.
Now I know who is he as I stand here, Audious.
Son of one of the muses gifted by music, He is great Orphious.
Who’s music and poetry once flattered painful soul
But now it has turned into a sad howl .
Greaving for her love, As on the bed of her death he cries.
Lost his world, love, lost his precious eurydice
There love was spoken all over Greece
Romance , affection. Their love was one masterpiece.
As he sat at the corner, nothing move  
and his moist eyes starred his love
On a blink, he rised and stood
As something transpired into his  capricious mood
He raised his voice as he looked above
“Oh my queen , oh my eurydice
Where have you gone
What led to your demise
I will bring you back, no matter who is it, from evil spirit or some stone”

She resides with the king of death
Who lives in dark
Now he is on a journey to pull her back
As we witness Hedus and Orphious in a cruel wrath.


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