Raging thought

Once again the raging thought broke in
As I try to reconsider and elude the thought
To embrace the death and pull myself from kin
For all no happiness and care this world has brought
Tired of being a creature lingering in dark
like a drained water being ceased
Like a precious stone losses his spark
The only feeling I feel, is of being deceased
Each has vanished, even the person whom I adore
Now it’s time for me to fly aloft, from memories and pain I have always endured.
There is no place which can satisfy no grassland not even moor,
Death is my destiny and that’s what all this life has stored.


7 thoughts on “Raging thought

      1. You will have to my dear. Always remember, love, Faith, trust, memories, care, all of these are a part of life but happiness is life. You will have to be happy if you wat to live. And you will only be able to smile when you will move on. Hope you find a way soon. And Moving on is also a part of life.

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      2. Yes, you are right. Well, I am happy. It’s not that I keep sad and all … It’s just that I miss her a lot. I know its a phase and time. So, right now I am just going by the flow. I love writing on various themes I have experienced. Death is not the last resort and I know that. Poem is all about the phase …

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