Beautiful Curse

This is where once a beauty laid
Which allured my depressed eyes
To only her my soul obeyed
To only her I loved with no lies

So fresh are the scenes, yet be seen.
In this place which hold’s such a character
Not much but enough time it has been
For my role in her play to matter

I did let her go but not the memories
How is that done, I still try to figure it out.
My mind smirks and my heart cries
Do i still love her, is what public cares and doubt.

Yes, I do love her with all the mess.
Yes, I do love her with every choice.
With affection comes love, with love comes loneliness
And with every decision comes it’s price.

So, I still enjoy the curse which her beauty holds on me.
And luck for her now where she lies
No more beauty apart from her, This eyes now see.
With love, vengence and jealously my heart moans and cries ….


5 thoughts on “Beautiful Curse

      1. Its OK.. don’t be sorry.
        she is my muse and yes it was for her that i started writing and will always write for her.
        Yes, She did made me what i am today.

        Liked by 1 person

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