Let me write a poetry for you

Let me write a poetry for you
that nobody has ever heard
to you as I carry my emotions, cross all border
As nothing matters to a soulful bird

Embrace my poetic words, with you as it makes love.
Let my scribbled, immature phrases force your lips move.
Flip me as you flip those pages
As I satisfy your thirst, which waited through ages.

Let me feel your warm bed, as on it we cuddle
And get lost in your eyes
Listen to your melodic voice as you fumble
Want to feel your passion and accence which never dies.

Look what have I brought , I fairys wing!!
So let’s fly aloft, where nothing harms our blessed string.
Where together we move mountains , and enjoy life’s good bad swing.

Oh dear ! Listen to your heart as it pounds
As it recites our romance and glory’s
don’t mourn of me being away but relish the personified sound.
As it keeps reminding you about me as I reach you through my poetries..


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