The old begging couple

What could be the reason for this old duo to beg
Resting at the corner with those asking hands
Torn cloths, skined body and handful of money in their bag
With no idea of tomorrow, nor they know where their destiny stands

Dripping eyes and impotent face
Sits at the corner and lingers in this mighty palace
How long this been no time can trace
The burden of their povertine grace

Where are their kin? Who left them abandoned
In the scenario, I wish no one to face
With those pity eyes which are left ignored
As by each face they reach, they chase

Where are their children’s ? Who they gave birth
To whom they raised with love and affection
Raised to witness this day which holds no mirth
Agony and regrets now holds their main attraction

Curious thoughts makes me wonder
How they survive summer sun and winter night’s
What shelters them from rain and thunder
And what keep them unite in those cruel fights

It’s love and the bond of togetherness which keeps them alive
No death but falling apart is what they fear
Crawling through each days with blooded tears
In this old age, they have nothing to lose but strive

Oh god…
Atleast let their final departure be sweet
After all those misfortune in which they have been
Let be that day to peace they meet
And witness the otherside of paradise never seen


2 thoughts on “The old begging couple

  1. I really wonder how can ppl leave their parents alone in their fading ages.. that too so mercilessly on roads!!
    I lm glad that u chose this theme for your write.
    Appreciable work. Loved the way you had put efforts in it. Great thought and a great piece of work .

    Keep goin bro!!


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