Howling Pompeii

No writer was left alive
No poet to frame the happenings
No women to become wife
No men to exchange rings
No child was spared to live his future
No future to recite its glory
No slave , gladiater to kill eachother
No single life which mattered, to see aftermath .

The only thing left behind was darkness
merged into ashes and volcanic chants
Floods, formed by tears
Flowing through corpse and their  dying fears
Sun lost its existence and day went darker then night
They were no enemy with whom human could have fight.

In those darkness and abyss
You could still hear the crying of men and women
shouting children’s for help as they ran.
Roaring animals, who saw death before it came
Bounded by speech, they had no one to claim …
No place was safer for them to hide
Nor do god came to shelter, where they could reside
Some prayed for help
Some for death
But there were few who knew gods too have left
To help them to survive from death theft .
Now this place holds the victims of nature’s crime
Waiting to cry their story, they are frozen in time ……


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