When people leave you

When people leave you, they don’t actually leave, they stay behind in the form of memories , incidents and moments. This nurtures every time you try to breathe , breathe the same air which once gave you peace and internal happiness …
There are sometimes when we suffocate not being able to breathe and then we try to recall the memories of  how this heart pumped in the presence of our loved once. We start breathing again , we smile , relish and then cry. But between all this material emotions , we are made to realise that the person is not too far, they just reside in us subconsciously.
Sometimes forgotten , misplaced , left alone and sometimes just guarding our soul to get healed again. Healed by the precious air which we need to breathe again.
They never left us, they are just teaching us how to breathe again, feel again , lonely live again.


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