Your chosen one

I want to fly so high,
I want to touch the sky.
Leaving the fact and the body behind,                                     carrying my soul and the subconscious mind.
Thinking about the past what makes me cry,
When I needed your help, Almighty!                                               Why you acted blind?
By breaking my heart what did you gain?
My tears replied in form of hurricane.
Pills and alcohol which I was chasing,
Higher and higher it kept me raising.
I was so obsessed by the word fame
Later I realised it was just a bloody game.
Oh Almighty!! Did you set the fire just to see the flame,
for making me what I am                                                                 will you take the blame?
Expecting you as a saviour in these world where everyone is so mean
You left me disgusted just being the stone as you always been
I want to live in the imagination, refraining world and its fearful lies.
Avoiding the mirror of illusions as I was never born and this idea will never die.
If you take me as your son, then I need you father!
My part is not done.                                                                    My faith is still alive in your absence rather.                               Bless me; make me realise that I am still your chosen one…


3 thoughts on “Your chosen one

      1. I know. N truly.. one can hear the call of lost soul. U wrote it so well, that even the person who is facing it right now.. will find a way out of the woods of faith n trust.
        And thus, this is something to be proud of !!

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