Beautiful you

As I see you coming my friend, I began to glow
Like a disturbed flame recovers from wind
As my heart pounds and increases my blood flow
Just by watching your beauty by my disturbed mind
You can notice me go high,
your soul dwells in my eyes.

Oh what a sight it is, A dying view.
As You come smiling towards me
In this winter, as your warmth clears the dew.
You the only one I can see.
You smile as it moves your brows,
I just wish you smiling always, as it grows.

Your chicks so pink,
Your persona can’t be defined in words
As I stare at you, I can’t blink
Have you been eating rose buds?
I feel so small and odious to stand by,
As I look you my princess, like a fairy coming from sky.

As you sit beside
Let our silence talk.
Your decisions I always abide,
Let’s not this time flow in the name of cruel clock.

Oh my dear friend thanks for coming, As peace I gain.
I missed you so much
With tears, My eyes rain
Let me borrow your pain and such.
This journey has no end;
Nothing can satisfy me but just concern for you my friend.


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