You are flying from me that I always tried to seek.
From very first day you entered with your naked feet in my heart chamber.                         The moment of pause, breath stuck in my chest as I remember
For all those time for you I tried to tweak.

I always had you in my gut
nurturing as the flower nurtures in the sun.
reaching for your shade, for your love as it jut
The more close I tried to come, the more you tend to run.
Your immortal beauty can’t be personified
Your bright smile is undying light
as I am struck by your cupid
I dream of you in every sparkling night.

I adore you like a bee, the way she adores sweetness
wished you could realize my love and its richness
Deciphering my silence by breaching my loneliness
but I wish you to find in life nothing but perfectness .

As I see you going, I lose my calm.
I wish you could wait, maybe just a while.
Trembling in your passion by my sweaty palm
Let me grab this memory of your twisted smile.

Thank you for giving memories, which won’t erase
Feelings which I never felt before
You made me special, to you as I face.
Infiltrating my heart core.

As time pulls apart
and take you to a place where you belong
But do remember you will always reside in my heart
wishing you success, lifelong.

So as you fly
Lemme say you Goodbye
Wish to be with you always like some immortal lie.
As you turn your back before this moment die.


3 thoughts on “  Goodbye

  1. “Wish to be with you always, like some immortal lie” beautiful.
    Your way of writing is just amazing. Every word, every sentence… touches the core of heart…
    You’re awesum Bro!!

    Liked by 1 person

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